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I liked the artwork and the preloader was unique. Good job on voicing esp on making the conversation sound awkward. Very funny.

Great job!


I liked it... I was a bit confused on the storyline but I don't care. It was that damn good.

A 9 for you!


Nice job! I liked the artwork, the music fit perfectly and the animation was pretty decent.

I'd have more to say about this but I've got the munchies now...

Overall 8!

frozenhedgehog responds:

How bout I send you a couple guitar/keyboard tracks n u do wot u want wiv thm or vice versa. could be awesome, we both luv music and can keep a beat

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overall 7

well, it was very basic and it worked.

I'd like to see what you do with this later on. Maybe make the dinosaurs feet move would be nice. This way it doesn't look so clipartish.
Add a reload feature with maybe a ammo indicator and powerups?

Good job.

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Very cool. It made me think of Rush's old stuff. I know different genre but it has that same feel of like YYZ or one of their other off timed/odd tempo songs.

If you actually performed it yourself (no samples/loops) I'm very impressed.

Fautzo responds:

Wow, thanks!! I'm very very surprised! All i did was play a note a bunch of times, and then mix up the notes into random places, then copies and pasted it into the drums!! I only spent a half an hour on this, and it took almost no effort! Thank you for the kind reveiw!

cool beans

Good job with the song. Good luck in the comp.

- S

WritersBlock responds:

Thanks man!


I'm just curious to why you wouldn't finish it? I say who cares what anyone would think.

It's good stuff - keep doing your thing.

I enjoy drawing, writing and composing music. My music is for my sole entertainment and personal expression. I write and perform my own music. Altho' I wouldn't mind collaborating or putting my artwork and music to good use. PM me if interested.

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